career advice

.In a world where our coworkers are also our friends and competition, it is important to work to always have your personal brand tuned up and presentation-ready. In the workplace, other employees will slowly get to know you by what you bring to the environment. This reputation, or personal brand, will spread to the individuals in charge of selecting candidates for promotions and raises as well. Let your personal brand act as a legacy that reaches the ears of those higher positions before you step in the door for an interview or meeting.

Here are three easy steps to establishing an effective personal brand.

1. Always Be Prepared

Whenever there are opportunities for promotions, everyone begins putting on their best smile, nicest interview outfits, and putting in double the effort.  Don’t wait until there is a promotion up for grabs to put in this kind of effort.  Instead, polish your daily routines so that when it becomes your chance to prove your worth, you can outline your consistent ability to execute and produce.

2. Have a Well-Designed Resume

Your resume is a canvas to highlight the impact you’ve held.  Comb through your old resume, removing any unnecessary or outdated information.  Update it with relevant and recent content you have been developing for your company so that they can see you have been beneficial since starting work there.

3. Make sure people can associate a face with your name.

Don’t expect your resume and reputation to land you a promotion on their own.  You will also need to present yourself in a professional and accountable manner whenever you land the opportunity for an interview.  Know the information included on your resume, make sure you are ready to confidently answer questions in a way that will portray your personal brand that sets you apart from the rest, and have a well thought out plan or idea for how you can step into the new position with ease of transition and begin coming through with results.