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Three Minute Measure

Knowledge drives control over results.

Do you wonder what is next for you regarding your professional growth?  Whether you are new to the workforce, have taken a long leave from the professional setting, have two years of experience or twenty, it is helpful to identify where you are currently to determine where you should focus your attention to achieve the growth you desire.

This simple, three-minute tool is designed to calibrate your leadership intelligence and recognize the factors you can influence to build your core competencies.  It provides a snapshot metric for an initial and continuous reading on your leadership marketability and progress as you invest in your development.

Like a credit score, your score today may not be the same score tomorrow.  It is essential to look inside yourself to identify what strengths you can leverage and what areas are in need of improvement.  After completing the Three Minute Measure and receiving your initial result, we will provide you with personal recommendations and tools to increase your score.

Give it a try. It only takes three minutes.

Three Minute Measure